Khadija Introduces the 6 Week Hair Ayurvedic Strengthening and Growth Regimen

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to the Ayurvedic Strengthening and Growth 6 Week Regimen. I'm so excited you're taking this regimen so that you can reach your hair goals for stronger, longer hair. I promise you, that once you start incorporating henna and/or ayurvedic hair care into your regimen, you will see a HUGE difference in your hair. Your hair will be so healthy.

Being consistent is key to successfully achieve beautiful, longer, stronger hair.

This regimen will not color your hair.

Welcome to the 6 Week Hair Regimen Class on Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening and Growth.

This regimen is a guide of recipes and methods on caring for your hair with a focus on hair strengthening and growth. Also on maintaining that for your hair.

6 weeks is a good amount of time to see noticeable changes and improvements to the overall health of your hair.

You can either repeat this regimen or add in another one of our other regimens or join our Membership Program to have all the content at your fingertips that goes beyond the 6 week hair regimen classes. Membership:

The classes in the 6 week courses are exclusive to these hair regimens. Membership does have it's own exclusive content. There are a handful of exceptions where certain content is repeated.

Anything you will have to fill out for your 6 week hair regimen or if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at [email protected]

Please note this is not medical advice, nor do we make any claims. We allow clients to speak and show their results for themselves. We can't make any guarantees that the regimen will work for each and every one of you as there are sometimes outside factors that play a big part in the health and wellness of your hair.

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